Decluttering & Organizing

Clutter is sneaky! It is very easy to accumulate things without realizing it. Then one day, we realize how much better we feel when we finally get that counter cleared or the sense of accomplishment we have when we weed through the pile of (mostly) junk mail.

Clutter can cause or contribute to increased levels of stress, anxiety, even depression. Let’s work together to attack the clutter and bring more peace into your home and life.

Consider It Done can:

  • Help you identify the best place to start clearing your clutter
  • Make a priority list for clearing the clutter—area by area, or room by room
  • Break the project into manageable pieces so you can see your progress every step of the way
  • Develop tools and solutions to help you stay organized going forward

Ready to clear the clutter?

Clutter sneaks up on us, accumulating without us even noticing. But when we clear that counter or conquer that pile of junk mail, we feel lighter and accomplished. Decluttering and organizing helps to lessen stress, anxiety, and even depression, bringing more peace to your home and life.