Right-Sized Living Starter Pack

A Simple and Affordable Way to Begin Your DIY Downsizing Journey

Let us guide you toward a stress-free downsizing experience with an on-site evaluation and personalized action plan, ensuring a smooth and simple transition.

  • Begin your downsizing or home organizing process with ease through an on-site or virtual home assessment tailored to your needs and preferences.
  • Receive expert written recommendations and a curated package of resources to help you move forward, making informed decisions about distributing unwanted possessions.
  • Get a complimentary copy of Consider It Done’s Room Inventory Guide, a user-friendly tool designed to guide you through the downsizing and organizing process and ensure you stay on track.
Consider It Done

Investment: $299.00

If you decide to work with Consider It Done in the future, we’ll apply a portion of this fee to your first invoice.

Ready to begin your DIY Downsizing Journey?